About Holistic Healing
Astro Vastu Center


INSTITUTE OF COSMIC LIFE was Established to serve society and bring more smiles to people’s faces. Institute of Cosmic Life is the blend of ancient spiritual practices and modern-day scientific techniques to make you a better version of yourself as well as mentally and physically healthy by making you realize your inner powers. 

The purpose of ICL is to help you to evolve, heal and learn and apply these techniques to your daily life and make it joyful. What we are today is an aftereffect of the thoughts, beliefs, and actions have taken in the past. What we become tomorrow will be a direct result of the actions we take today.

After healing people’s lives who were experiencing negativity due to their karma in a positive and divine way, Mrs. Alka Birdi then, at that point, chosen to grant her immense pool of information that she had accumulated through different healing Experts to others through her workshops with a wide range of healing techniques.

Now Mrs. Alka Birdi is not only healing people but creating healers through her workshops and courses. Through the Institute of Cosmic Life, it’s her dream to make people’s lives beautiful and spread the awareness of the spiritual energy and its divine power and let people get its benefit in mass.



Our Core Vision and Mission



  • Provide holistic care to the people to make their lives better and happy
  • To make people conscious about the divine energy and use it to the betterment of the society
  • Creating awareness about the connection between mind, body and soul


  • To make the society a better place for everyone by eliminating the negative energies and providing a stable lifestyle
  • Make society understand the power of spirituality and spreading goodness
  • Creating a better world with peace, health, abundance, joy and thoughtfulness