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What if we say you can learn Astrology and Predict future? Yes it is possible. By learning Astrology , you can make your career in Astrology too. The only institute that you can trust is the Institute of Cosmic Life. It provides many Astrology Courses in Nagpur. The faculty here believes that taking Astrology Courses online would not completely do justice to this study. Hence they happily deliver classroom training. They provide budget friendly Astrology courses so that anyone can enroll.

It is fascinating when you get some idea about what your future holds in for you before hand. Be it good or bad , one can be warned about it. It is possible when in depth study of the position of your stars and planets is done. This study is what we call as Astrology. Most of the times astrology predictions are correct. The predictions made range from birth events to special occasions. 

Nadi Shashtra


Originated in South India , Nadi Shashtra is one of the oldest forms of Astrology . It is used to get one  more step ahead to accurate predictions.  Nadi basically means “in search of “. People are very curious to know about the events in their life. Earlier  the sages would predict the past and future happenings based on Nadi. They would then record them on Palm Leaves. The Nadi Astrologers convert these records and make accurate predictions using thumb impressions. 


Numerology is used to present all aspects of one’s personality in details. This study uses numerical value of the letters in the words, names and ideas. These details in turn help to take important decisions in life. Be it about the life partner to personal growth. Numerology also tells how these aspects work together to form their unique character. Additionally it evaluates energies of any city , town or property so that you can stay at right place. Along with this, it also help you trigger positive results in your professional front.

Ved Shashtra


Laal Kitaab


Ramal Jyotish


Modern Numerology





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