Best Vastu Courses in Nagpur by Institute Of Cosmic Life​

Institute of Cosmic Life is Leading Training Center For Best Vastu Courses in Nagpur. This is a one-year course being conducted mainly in Nagpur at Institute of Cosmic Life. The student will find unique learning of ASTRO, VASTU, FENGSHUI, and a little Architecture relevant to Vastu in this Course. The fate of the students is sculptured by International teachers and consultants who share their experience in the classroom. A workshop system has been Created in matters related to Vedic subjects like Astrology, Vastu shastra, Architecture Buildigs, houses, working area, deities, occult, mystic, predictions, calculations, luck, fate, major and minor period of planets, stars, astronomy, space karma, fortunetelling, psychic predictions, future predictions, rainfall, earthquake, economy, finance & natural calamities.

Vastu study on homes, houses, shops, malls, commercial sites, temples, palaces, forts, businesses, historical buildings, town planning, and development strategy, making money, wealth, health & peace of mind is the major focus.

In the classroom teaching Vastu prediction from astrology is a special feature famous quotes are taught there.

Best Architectural Vastu Courses In Nagpur

Vastu Class in Nagpur

We Teach you the Best Architecture Vastu Courses in Nagpur with In-depth Knowledge of Vastu research and study in Gemology and other Shastras. A special session deals with Vastu application in home purchase, home development, house investment, home laws, plot use, home loan, house developers, home investments, large buildings, large structures, real estate property, home care, and dealing with architects, broker, real estate agents, selling, investing and those who want development, wealth planning, wealth management, land management and turning debt into wealth. This training makes one competent to work as a successful professional or consultant who earns fabulous income.

Learn From Vastu Specialist - Vastu Design For Beginners

Vastu Design for Beginners, with Mrs. Alka Birdi, is a course on Vastu Shastra, the science of spiritual architecture, and is a Vedic science and sister science to yoga along with other sister sciences such as Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Jyotish.

A rare occasion to learn from an expert! Mrs. Alka Birdi has the intuition of an expert and will teach you not only the sciences of Vastu but the insights that will make this Vedic science usable to all, not only for life enhancement but also for Self Realization.

Vastu Shastra Topics​ to Learn
  • Importance of directions in Home (Vastu Purusha Mandala Orientation)
  • Compelling Fertility into Soil (Bhugarbha Vinyasa)
    House with sacred dimensions (Ayadi Shadvarga or the six House Building Formulae)
  • How to bring Divine energy into your house or building (Brahmasthana and its Importance)
  • What to build and where to build it (Four-zone in a sital area – Livable and non-Livable)
  • Identifying suitable zones for swimming pools, ponds, underground water tanks, water fountains, aquariums, etc.
  • Houses or Manushyalaya
  • Forming sub-divisions or layouts
  • General Guidelines and probable countermeasure including yantras for imbalances
Best Vastu Courses in Nagpur