Best Reiki Course In Nagpur

Reiki courses in Nagpur is  the best way to grow Spiritually and improve your self . Be more focused and calm in your life . Reach and live at a higher energy level . Attract lot into your life . Institute of cosmic life is main learning center for best reiki course in Nagpur .The most important part is  that reiki therapy specify the path  right for you .  This is life-changing course . It is the early art of energy healing using specific method.  Simply treatment feels like  a wonderful glowing rays that flows through and around you . Reiki treats the whole person including body , emotions ,mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects . 

We are born healers and this is our Superpower” .

What is the reiki  ?

Reiki is an alternative to medicine. In this therapy healers use ‘universal energy ‘ .Transfer this energy through their hands or palms to the patient . It helps for physical or emotional healing .

The word  Reiki means supernatural atmosphere  . It comes from the Japanese words.  Rei means “ universal” and “ki” means life energy . As per the practitioners energy can move.  It helps for  reduction and relaxing stress .

What therapy reiki involves ?

It explain health benefits and the medical opinion surrounding it . Reiki opens up energy centers also known as “Chakras” in our bodies . It allow the life force energy to flow through our physical and spiritual body . In order to uplift  a happy and healthy life reiki therapy is best  .

Reiki means global Energy. During the Reiki meeting, the professional starts overall energy utilizing Japanese images. The Universal energy flows from the universe through the hands of the specialist to the client. The energy clears any energy blocks in the body, which are making diseases or sicknesses.



Energy levels are associated with the Endocrine framework. The Endocrine framework relates to the Chakras. During a reiki meeting, you balance the chakras and so work on the general well being of the person. Reiki meeting gives a secrete rule for  positive energy.  


Energy healing with best reiki courses in Nagpur.

Bring about Calm with Crystal Reiki and Karuna Reiki:


Crystal Reiki :

Reiki is for everyone  is unique form of healing . It is universal life force Energy and also complete natural energy . When crystal healing unite with reiki . It is like beating energy with high speed . Crystals  have natural energy of their own . These stones bring each thing to balance and drive  the body’s natural healing power . Although ,if you add your goal and your energy crystal will work better. Because it will raise your aim  and enhance it . If reiki is the energy moving through you , then your  crystals will gather the reiki , increase its effect ,center its goal

Karuna Reiki

Karuna express to care ,love and feeling . This healing method let the practitioner and the client to go deeper into self. Karuna reiki expands your Anahata chakra or Heart center. A balanced heart chakra attracts a lot, healthy relationships, order of all the other chakras (Anahata chakra is the middle chakra), grows spiritually.

How does Best Reiki courses works ?


The body has its own natural healing power that are charged by this universal life force energy . Reiki therapy restore  the receiver energy supply and balancing its absorption by each and every cell of the body . During this process the recipient moves into a deep state of relaxation . The aura, chakras ,and  meridian system will be balance with required energies of 5 elements . 

We believe that real

key of happiness is good health, so we strive to improve the mind, body
and maintain best health by daily practice of Reiki. We live a
healthy and peaceful daily life, helping others to heal
and to turn and uplift spirituality and the whole being .

Reiki courses in Nagpur involves  techniques such as :

We belive that real key of happiness is good health , so we strive to improve the mind ,body and maintain best health by daily practice of reiki .We live a healthy and peaceful daily life , helping others to heal uplift spirituality . Although Reiki sending you healing energy right now for every area of your life. Reiki courses in Nagpur provides the following techniques .

 1)Centering 2) Cleaning 3) Beaming 3) Extracting harmful energies 4) Infusing 6) smoothing and collect the positive vibes.

  1. Reiki treatment helps to reduce : 1)Anxiety 2) Depression 3) Chronic pain 3) Fatigue 4) Promotes a positive mental state through the gentle touch 
There are three different levels of reiki and their meaning : 
Positive energy with best reiki courses in Nagpur

Reiki level 1: The first degree (Shoden )

Level 1 is a practitioner’s initiation into reiki and is open to anyone .The focus during level 1 is on opening the energy  channels on physical level. Allowing the practitioner  to connect to the universal life force energy. This energy flows from the nature through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands .

Reiki level 2: The second degree (Okuden)

In level 2  open the energy channels more deeply .There are five symbols in reiki and each one fit to a specific energy .( power , harmony , distance , mastery , and completion ).In level 2 is focus on opening up heart chakra . The midpoint between the physical and spiritual chakras . For this eyes should closed and can look within and fully feel into the process effect on the heart .

Reiki level 3: The third degree ( shinpiden ) and reiki master

In many cases the third degree and Reiki Master are the same position . The master level is taught in a wide range of methods . You should meditate on which path feels right for you . In level 3 you learn the master reiki attunement. learn the master reiki symbol and how to give the reiki attunements to others .

Transfer Universe energy with best reiki co.urses in Nagpur


Know about Reiki courses in Nagpur by Institute of Cosmic Life 

Mrs Alka Birdi has more than twenty years of involvement with Healing. She is prepared  numerous method  under different national and worldwide coaches. which give her involvement of  individuals from different  backgrounds. This therapist  helped huge number of  individuals finding their goals .  provides the fixed  solution to solve the final cause of the problem and make sure the person will be able to handle the problems easily in the future.

The best Reiki therapist in Nagpur Mrs Alka Birdi enter on a journey of self-discovery which lead to a very rewarding and beautiful spiritual awakening . She is founder of Institute of Cosmic life has mastered the healing arts of massage and healing ,  improve her natural skills and awareness ; as well created her own’ spin’ on healing ,which refers to as “loving energy healing .

She positions among Nagpur’s most rated Reiki Grandmaster , senior Astrologer, talented Tarot Card reader, qualified Vastu advisor and an amazing Motivational Speaker and a Powerful happiness Coach.